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Installation in Stockholm Sweden made by 
Öron & Öron AB at hotel At six Brunkebergstorg.
Up on the roof.
16 x Dot Audio iDE 8 and 3x Teen Mungo
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Designed by the engineering team behind the unique Dot Audio sound.We offer weather resistant models and multiple mounting hardware options and more… 


Ideal for reproducing dynamic low-frequency sound for both permanent and temporary. Applications include large live music, corporate events, and concert touring.


Ultra slick design and great looks.Complete solution systems with amp racks and cases.Applications include large live music venues, corporate events and concert touring.


Dot Audio’s amplifier Series featuring four or eight channel amplifiers are optimized for live sound and installed applications. Offering a mind-blowing combination of massive power and peerless audio performance integrated with unique DSP

Dot Audio is the premier choice of modern clubs. 

Below are some comments from professional users:

"Highly recommended soundsystem!"
"The Smoothes soundsystem. Feeling privileged to be able to play on it."
"Great sound!!"

Live sound stage monitors

Design to deliver incredible SPL, exceptional vocal reproduction and fantastic gain before feedback. Portable, ultra light, slick profile, high output stage monitoring. Ego Wedge is a registered design.

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